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Foreign trade

Aware of the current needs of our clients, our Firm provides comprehensive services in foreign trade, seeking as its main axis to prevent risks, reduce costs and take preventive or corrective actions, always safeguarding the interests of our clients.

With the integral practice of foreign trade, it is also allowed to warn if the policies implemented by the companies are adequate and if the adopted processes comply with the obligations required in matters of foreign trade, corporate governance and in the supply chain, through processes that allow to guide an adequate commercial strategy of the businesses, to warn of risks, areas of opportunity and to reduce costs in the operations of the clients.

The group of specialists in the foreign trade area advise clients on any customs procedure that the authorities have initiated, such as Administrative Procedures in Customs Matters (PAMA), Administrative Procedures for Omission of Contributions (PACO or No PAMA), home visits , cabinet reviews or any other supervisory power.

Likewise, the dynamism of the area allows us to provide our clients with the implementation of various programs that can promote, reduce costs and make their import and export operations more efficient, such as the Maquiladora Industry, Manufacturing and Export Services Program ( IMMEX), Sector Promotion Program (PROSEC), tax refund (DRAWBACK), Eighth Rule, as well as obtaining records and certifications from the Tax Administration Service, such as the registration of a Certified Company under the Authorized Economic Operator modality (OEA), Review at Origin (AGARO), among others.

In the same way, because Mexico is one of the countries that has signed the most free trade agreements worldwide, our experience allows us to advise our clients on the best use of Free Trade Agreements in their daily operations, which has as its main objective to reduce the costs of goods in international sales operations.

Among the services that our Firm provides, is the defense of any resolution issued by the authorities in foreign trade matters, such as administrative appeals, nullity trials, amparo trials and alternative dispute resolution procedures (arbitration, mediation ).

Our group of specialists in foreign trade has extensive experience in advising our clients on procedures of unfair international trade practices, such as dumping, safeguard measures, circumvention, among others, before the International Trade Practices Unit of the Secretariat of Economy, both to national producers, importers or foreign producers and / or exporters, as well as the means of defense that originate in said administrative procedure.

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