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(Upstream, Midstream and Downstream) 

With the entry into force of the Energy Reform in Mexico, between 2014 and 2015, various regulatory provisions were published and many others were reformed. In addition to the appearance of new links in the hydrocarbon value chain, the intervention of new government agencies and with it, new activities, responsibilities and rights for Contractors and State Productive Companies.  

The foregoing introduced into the Mexican legal system a new scheme for the exploitation of hydrocarbons, property of the Nation, which has as one of its main objectives, to obtain income for the State that contributes to the long-term development of the Nation.


Our specialists in the area of Energy - Oil & Gas, will attend to the needs of customers, duly observing their tax regime (contractual, rights and obligations), national and international tax, operational and their intervention in the value chain:  

  • Upstream - Exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons;

  • Midstream -Transport and storage; Y 

  • Downstream - Industrial transformation, distribution, and commercialization.  


The Energy - Oil & Gas area will have active and timely intervention, from the attention of acts of authority, advice on the planning, closing and conclusion of contracts, consulting on legal, contractual and fiscal matters, until achieving the optimization of the resources of the Business. 

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