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Consulting in financial-tax asset management

At VMEO Advisory, we are clear that we serve human beings whose heritage comes from their arduous effort and, perhaps, the efforts of several previous generations.


Undoubtedly, the property area of our Firm has the most personalized attention in the market, because our work is not measured in relation to hours invested, but in the perfect attention and intense care of our clients' assets as if was own.  


That is why we have an unparalleled and unique network of international structuring companies, banks and private investment funds, and of entrepreneurs whose synergies have achieved growth in our clients' assets, even in times of financial crisis.  


At VMEO Advisory we have professionals with the highest certifications in financial matters (Charted Financial Analysts level 3 and Charted Alternative Financial Analyst) and risk (Financial Risk Managers) and with professionals with more than 15 years of experience in property tax consulting to provide advice not only on due compliance but also on planning and financial protection and thus, give the best results net of taxes for our clients

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